Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Silk Road [my style]

Yesterday it had cooled down to the breezy 70s, perfect for this outfit. Cory and I went to see Inception (finally) at the Avalon Theatre where artsy adults go to see movies, almost exactly like Studio on the Square in Memphis if it were independently owned and nonprofit. Its top movie since 2003 was Fahrenheit 911 so you get the idea. Anyway, Inception was definitely worth seeing, especially if you have a drunk hippie sitting to you woohooing through the whole thing.

Silk button-down: thrift, $5
Necklaces: flea market, estate sale, Old Navy
Tank: Autumn Cashmere
Jeans: Forever 21
Boots: thrift, $4
Purse: thrift, $6
Bracelets: Tibetan market


Natasha the whimsical nerd said...

I really like that purse. It looks very academic and chic. It is cute with the saddle shoes!

Lady Moriarty said...

Love everything especially the shoes !
Thanks for the Blogstyle article !

See U !