Monday, February 28, 2011

Second Trip to Rome

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I can't seem to get enough of Rome! Or I've had two field trips for two different Art History classes... Either way I love going back! There's a never-ending amount to see in this city. My professor Helen knows how to tackle a city in a weekend, visitng what most tourists do in 3 weeks: the Colosseum, the Forum ruins, the Vatican, the Sistine ceiling, St. Peter's, the Borghese Museum, a million churches, Hadrian's Villa, the city of Tivoli, and much more. She makes trips stressful

I went to Venice for Carnivale this weekend, which was FANTASTIC. I'll have to post pictures soon because there's really no way to describe the festive mood and the outstanding costumes.

My roommate Lizzy!

Me with my 2 Lizzys

The sunlight was beautiful.

A hallway in a museum (they begin to blur together eventually).

At the Vatican!

My sneaky Sistine Chapel photo

Michelangelo's Pieta

Sunlight in St. Peter's

My new shades in the town of Tivoli

Roomies again

So many cats in Rome

Landscape in Tivoli


My new 10 euro bracelet.

Hope you all had fantastic weekends! Thanks for reading. :)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Weekend with Liv

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This weekend my best friend from home, Liv, visited from Paris where she's studying abroad. Instead of visiting many touristy stops, we spent the weekend eating mostly. Some of the great dishes we enjoyed include: falafel kebab (twice), tomato and basil spaghetti (best I've ever had), caper and garlic pizza, sundried tomato and mozzarella paninis, broccoli and feta pizza (we made), pesto ravioli and balsamic green beans (we made this also), dark chocolate fondu fruit and chocolate canolis. The last two were from the Chocolate Festival, which we stopped by multiple times. We also visited a gigantic flea market across the river, shopped for saddle oxfords, saw a few live shows, and watched a bunch of Party Down.

Coat: Zara / Pants: H&M / Boots: Forever 21

Fresh fruits and veggies, one of the best parts about being in Italy.

Some girl downing shots at the Chocolate Festival.

Liv eating her pistachio gelato in front of the Santa Croce.

So many puppies in Florence.

Chocolate heels.

Carnivale mask

Florence has amazing street artists.

Petting the wild boar for good luck at the Loggia del Mercato Nuovo.

Merry-go-round in Piazza Signoria

Il Duomo.

2nd visit to the Chocolate Festival.

Chocolate rum samples

Candy that probably tastes as good as it looks.

Can you believe that dog was real?!

Reflecting on the Arno

Liv in her new saddle oxfords!

Jacket: Forever 21 / Scarf: flea market / Pants: Sanctuary / Boots: les lolitas

If you write you and your loved one's initials on a lock and throw the key into the Arno River, you'll apparently stay happy forever.


Liv's flea market find: a beautiful 10 euro dress à la An Education.

My kitchen!

Note: A lot of these were taken by Liv.