Thursday, November 25, 2010

7 days: 7 faves, Week of November 24 [blogstyle]

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Not many patterns on my favorite bloggers from this week. Inspired by their versatile ankle boots, chunky sweaters and lace details.

Autilia from Autilia's Blog: She looks so dainty and French, from the straw hat to the lace to the crisp socks.

Ceren from Face Hunter: The textured sweater brings together her skinnies and rugged boots.

Yuki: The collared top is a perfect, fresh partner with the maxi skirt and boots.

Golestaneh from Golestaneh-Street Style: Boyfriend blazer + denim shirt = great way to remix old items.

Maria from Lulu Letty: Maria's beautiful yet comfortable outfit makes me want to bike ride. In brown oxfords. And floral.

Kaitlin from Buffalo Stance: Once again, Kaitlin looks fantastic in her lace blazer and tulle skirt that come across edgy when paired with black and cutout heels.

Alexndra from Lovely Pepa: I love how the slip peeking below the dress adds a feminine touch to an otherwise tough outfit.

Bows and Big Kitchens

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Being home. There's nothing like it... Blasting good hip-hop, cruise control, 75 degree weather, beautiful wind and fall colors, best friends for lyfe, doggies cuddling up next to me, a fully stocked kitchen, a wonderful family, cable, a wide open bed, and most of all, nothing to do. I have a lot to be grateful for this Thanksgiving.

Top: DIY by my friend Anisa
Velvet pants: Piazza Sempione
Sweater: Theory
Boots: F21

Did some cooking today (Wednesday evening) while my mom made Thanksgiving dishes in preparation for tomorrow. I made this fantastic stuffed Greek chicken recipe but with tenders instead of breasts.

2.5 pounds of spinach - enough to feed a family of 6? Just barely.

One of my baby muffins.


Monday, November 22, 2010

Teen Vogue Fashion Click

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Hi, everyone! I was chosen to be one Teen Vogue's Fashion Click Bloggers, meaning I'll be featured on their blog aggregate website featuring their favorite looks from around the globe. I'm honored! :)

If you're interested in being a part of this, apply here.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Heavy Cargo [mystyle]

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It's a beautiful fall day out today. Working at a coffee shop, finishing up papers before I fly home tomorrow!! Haven't been home since June so I can't wait. What your Thanksgiving plans?

Sweater: Fossil
Top: KMart, c/o Teen Vogue
Pants: Sanctuary
Boots: F21


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

7 days: 7 faves, Week of November 17 [blogstyle]

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Giovanna from The Sartorialist: The seafoam green and navy of the dress works wonderfully with the faded brown boots.

Miss Pandora: A girl that gorgeous with such beautiful hair can really pull off anything but this black lace dress is perfect on her. Paired with the braided headband, it's fantastic.

Maddy from Maddinka: Maddy's use of marigold and dark red is a great way to wear yellow and red together without looking like Ronald McDonald. Wearing them with neutrals like gray and tan is another fantastic way to tone the colors down.

Kaitlin from Buffalo Stance: Kaitlin's textures in this outfit is great, from the fuzzy bag to the lacy dress. Her mix of white and black is romantic, not mod.

Aimee from Song of Style: Aimee makes sheer pants work by not revealing too much and teaming them up with a less dramatic pale pink blazer. Also, love her hair.

Hannah from Hello Mr Fox: Hannah's coat is the best part of her outfit, with the fabulous fur collar. She adeptly brings her high-waist shorts into cooler weather with tights, layers, and booties.

Megan from Another Day to Dress Up: One of my favorites from last week as well, Megan is too cute in her socks with strappy shoes and briefcase bag.

Clogs and Dots [mystyle]

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It gets dark so early now that I've had to start taking photos in my living room. Seriously, it's 5:30 and it's pitch black.

This outfit started from the bottom up - I knew I wanted to wear the clogs so I fit everything else around it.

Vest - Ann Taylor Loft
Dress - Forever 21
Tights - Target
Clogs - Forever 21
Cuff - boutique

Knock on Wood

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Why are these rings $75 dollars? They're amazing. (Answered my own question.)

Available here.

Monday, November 15, 2010

New and Free [my style]

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Recently, Teen Vogue chose me to be 1 of 4 bloggers to review some of KMart's clothing lines. (This included a large gift certificate!) I really wanted gray cords and brown desert boots for this winter so I thought this was the perfect opportunity to get them. They were free because of the card but they're normally super cheap. Both the pants and the shoes are incredibly comfortable and easy to wear. They go with everything! More of the clothes to come soon.

Earlier tonight, I went to a cook out with friends earlier since this will be one of the last non-freezing weekends in DC. Bratwursts, burgers, and brownies - mmm. I should've brought my camera to detail the beautiful food! Friday, we stayed in and watched One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest which made me really antsy to read the book. Saturday, we hosted a '20s themed murder mystery party. The game itself wasn't as intriguing as we hoped, but it was a good excuse to have people over, cook and drink nonetheless. How was everyone else's weekends?

Glasses: Ermenegildo Zegna
Sweater: Dex
Tank: F21
Cords: KMart, c/o Teen Vogue, $12.49
Boots: KMart, c/o Teen Vogue, $19.99
Nails: OPI
Rings: thrift

Friday, November 12, 2010

Emma Watson [celebstyle]

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I present to you Emma Watson at an event in London yesterday. Yes, she is real. I can't believe how well the short bob, the red lips, and the velvet dress suit her. I wonder what the apple pin stands for; she's worn it in a few other outfits.

Edit: The apple pin I was referring to is actually a poppy pin, worn to support the British Armed Forces.

P.S. Geeking OUT over the upcoming Harry Potter. Can't. Wait.

Dress by Vionnet. All images from StyleBistro

Thursday, November 11, 2010

100+ followers!

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As of today, I gained more than 100 followers!

I know this a baby step in blogging, but thanks again to all of my followers anyway. :)

To say thanks, here are some beautiful photos because, you know, that makes everything better.

To see attributes, visit my Tumblr

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

7 days: 7 faves, Week of November 10 [blogstyle]

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Megan from Another Day to Dress Up: Tough lace-up boots with flowy tops and skirts are an odd couple trend that Megan pulls off seamlessly.

Beth from B. Jones Style: Love, love, love the muted pastel neutrals. I should update my gray neutrals with these pink-toned ones.

Molly from Vanessa Jackman: I love everything about this look from the loose, faded waves to the houndstooth jacket to the oxfords.

E from District of Chic: Okay, I'll admit. I thought I'd never like leather shorts, but an outfit like this, they're just perfect! With the crisp top and lace oxfords, they're quite classy. Kudos!

Lady Moriarty: Another textured men's-style blazer but the fanciful tulle skirt and spotted tights make it absolutely adorable.

Rhiannon from Liebemarlene Vintage: The combination of lace and tartan is reminiscent of the nineties without being stale. Another example of opposite elements working in harmony.

Clara from gorgeousclara: As you can tell, I love neutral palettes. Clara's desert boots and long, sheer dress is perfection.