Thursday, July 22, 2010

Street Vile: Couples Edition

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2nd Runner-Up: Matching whites, brights, and tennies. The wife really led this couple to near victory with her cargo bell-bottoms and denim bag.

Runner-Up: Another matching couple, but this time up top with their blue wife-beaters. However, it was the husband's semi-mullet and army boots that pulled them through.

Grand Winner: A couple with equal amounts of style. Fluffy brown hair, Hawaiian print shirt, backwards cap, suede backpack. Teamwork, teamwork.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Forever 21: DC Grand Opening!!

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This Saturday was the grand opening of DC's first Forever 21 (there are tons in the metro area but none actually in the District). All customers got 10% off, which in F21 terms is a lot. It's located in the Woodies Building at 1025 F Street NW if you want to go!

As much as I'm into F21's clothes, I was more impressed by the workers' style. They were incredibly creative and bold - I loved them! I also ran into a customer or two who looked beautifully put-together. Get inspired!

Sankara Xasha Ture McCain
Hair bow: F21, Dress: F21, Shoes: F21, Bangles: F21, Blazer: MNG Suit, Glasses: StevieBoi.

Ahh, just bought her shoes from Urban!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The weekend my wallet hated me...

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July has incredible sales apparently... haven't noticed before. Here are (most of) my purchases!

My favorite purchase of the week:

BDG shoes - Urban Outfitters, $19.99, orig. $48

Blazer - H&M, $20, orig. $35

Circle scarf - Commander Salamander, $4, originally $12

Lace top - Charlotte Russe, $15
I was surprised to see this store have some decently cute clothes!

Bonjour tank - Forever 21, $11.70

Gray striped tee - UO, $9.99, orig. $18

Scalloped shorts - F21, $26
Since I can't exactly afford the Chloe version (as seen here on FabSugar), I opted for a much cheaper version from F21. They came with a tacky rhinestone belt but I'll replace it with a leather breaded one.

Red striped shirt - F21, $7, orig. $12

Sequin top - F21, $34
The most expensive item I've ever bought from F21!

Orange dress - F21, $26

Haus of Gaga shirt - H&M,$17

Indigo shirt - CR, $2.99, org. $10

Black skinnies - H&M, $10, orig. $40

Rolling stones tee - H&M, $12

Silence & Noise blouse - UO, $19.99, orig. $54

Tie dye poncho - street vendor, $17

Theory heels - FREE! My boss was cleaning out her closet!

Not going to give prices on accessories because I already ripped all the tags off!
Fedora - F21
Coral bangle - Tibetan shop
Silver bangle - Tibetan shop
Stud bracelet - F21
Red ring - CR
Turquoise rings - F21
Purple ring - F21 (I need to stop buying statement rings)
Brown wrap bracelet - CR
White chain bracelet - CR
Stacked rings - F21
Headbands - CR

Monday, July 19, 2010

One Trend I Won't Latch Onto...

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You will not see me wearing these:

Elle Street Chic

Opening Ceremony

Leather mini skirts and shorts: too hot for sweaty summer, too cool for fall. I see no point. Do you think the impact is worth the lack of utility?