Friday, July 6, 2012

Work vs. Play: Grandmother's Rehearsal Dress

I've had a lot of trouble finding the motivation to keep my blog going lately, mostly because it felt self-interested but also because I never felt I had one outfit worth posting. Consequently, I've decided to start a "Versus" feature, letting you decide which outfits you like while also revealing the potential for versatility in your own wardrobe. I've found when getting dressed, I come up with multiple options for one outfit, more than one look using using the same basic pieces, so I'm excited to inspire you with my options. Easily bored with my wardrobe, I have the tendency to overshop although I have perfectly great pieces to remix. Hopefully this new section will encourage you, along with me, to stop mindlessly purchasing and be a little more creative instead!

Glasses: Bonlook / Dress: vintage Kramer / Leopard belt: Target / Ring: House of Harlow / Oversized clutch: thrifted / Heels: Stuart Weitzman 

Dress: vintage Kramer / Cuff: Banana Republic / Bracelets: markets and thrift stores / Purse: vintage / Lace sneakers: Aldo

I'm so excited to share this dress as my first piece of the new feature. Yesterday I was going through an attic closet at my parent's house (where I'm living this summer) when I found this fantastic tan dress with an intricate beaded neckline. I assumed it was one of mother's many vintage dresses but upon asking her about, she informed me it was my grandmother's wedding rehearsal dinner dress from 1954. How cool! I was actually named after my grandmother; her married name is Morgan. It's great to carry her name on, as well as her style. On a side note, I'm so blessed to have all four of my sweet grandparents in my life! It's wonderful to learn from their many years of wisdom, as well as simply enjoying their humor.

My grandmother's dress reminded me that with clothing trends, what goes around, really comes back around. We all know pockets and neutrals were recent trends, but longer lengths have been making a show all over the runways for fall 2012. Right at the knee or lower, hems have stayed traditional for most designers, like Ralph Lauren and Valentino. Also, the ornate embellishments of the Baroque period seems to have influenced current designers, like Balmain and Louis Vuitton, who featured intricate beadwork on their pieces for the fall. As seen at Stella McCartney and Etro, botanical ornamentation in particular were another Baroque-inspired trend I found in my grandmother's dress. So let this be a lesson to all of you youngsters like me: you don't have to buy something new every season; there are classic pieces that will last you a lifetime (and maybe even your granddaughter's) if you chose carefully.

Beading detail on the dress

For the more traditional feel of the work outfit, I chose an oversized clutch, leopard belt and House of Harlow ring to keep the look current. Remember, to keep your legs from looking stumpy in a longer dress, wear open heels. Booties or ankle straps will the line of your leg off. For the playful outfit, I chose my lace sneakers to balance out the white embroidery of the collar line. I also pinned the hem of the dress to create the asymmetrical look that's become quite a trend (and to make the cut more flattering of course).

So what do you think? Do you prefer the classic or the playful? Or would you have styled it completely differently? Vote and leave comments!

Which way would you wear the dress?




Despina T. said...

it's the first time that i like a sport version of a dress.really great looks but i like the second more.just voted!

Viktoria said...

Such a great and fun post!
Dig both styles though I'd personally go for the not so formal one :-)

xx, V.

Lauren Jade said...

I love the little black bag you've teamed it with in the play photograph! The dress is lovely, vintage isn't going out of style any time soon! x

check out my recent outfit post if you can!

Tanya said...

I love the dress in the play version.

Anonymous said...

I love the work look, the glasses and the belt, its adorable together! And what a beautiful dress. You look really amazing girl :)

Rose Mode said...

I voted work
I would be so happy if you could like my Facebook page.

Shandrese/ Natalia said...

lovely dress! the work look is my favorite :)