Monday, April 15, 2013

New Jeans: Denizen from Levi's

Jacket: Zara / Top: borrowed / Jeans: Denizen by Levi's from Target / Harness boots: Forever 21 / Beanie: TopShop / Purse: Chanel

Jacket: TopMan / Jeans: Denizen by Levi's from Target / Boots: Dr Martens

Last month, Levi's got in touch with me about their new line of jeans for Target, Denizen. They sent me a few pairs to try, and I could not be happier! Above, I'm wearing their skinnies in a light blue I'm not used to wearing. I always go for a darker blue, so I went a little experimental with a rougher texture, lighter blue than I normally do. I loved them - perfect fit, great material for the low price. They also sent me a pair for Cade - and he loves them too! He says they were almost exactly the same as his Levi's 511s.

As you can see, I have moved to Brooklyn, Williamsburg to be exact. It's so much inspiring to do personal blogging here. These were taken at Grand Ferry Park, my favorite spot to take guests for a stunning view of the city. Expect more soon!

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Anonymous said...

these jeans look great! also, your boyfriend is so cute! :)