Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hot and Bold Shoulder

Embellished and bold shoulders can be hard to wear, especially when you're trying to make it work outside of the club, so I've gathered some tops and dresses that are a little more understated than most styles with a chip on their shoulder. Oh, and they're all on the cheaper side, priced under $70.


The loose construction and leopard print deformalizes the shoulders, making them less of a statement on their own.
$48 from Silence and Noise from Urban Outfitters

The grommeting is fairly toned down and becomes less harsh with the neutral gray and blush pink also offered.
$68 by Eight Sixty from Nordstrom

A loose tee makes embellished shoulders work for every day.
$39.50 from Express
(There's a similar look by Romeo & Juliet Couture for $59 on Bluefly.)

This monochromatic tee would look great with jeans or black leggings for a casual look.
$20.30 from Arden B

The crop, stone gray color, and rolled sleeves give this top a cool, laid-back feel.
$40 from Topshop

The wide, bold roses give the voluminous shoulders ground to stand on, making them feel less out of place.
$15.80 from Forever 21

The plain white cotton and charming bow help tone down the exaggerated shoulders and make this top more work-appropriate.
$47.86 from ASOS


The lace gives a more romantic feel to the usually harsh bold shoulder statement.
$19.80 from Forever 21

Plain black, long sleeves, and a simply tucked waistline give this dress symmetry against the studded shoulders.
$68 by Silence Noise from Urban Outfitters

Delicate roses and a creamy yellow make this dress fit into a timeless garden more than a modern spaceship.
$68 from Topshop

Floral lace transforms this dress from clubby to classy.
$64.96 from ASOS Petite
(An almost exact copy of this dress is available on Forever 21 for $41 cheaper!)

Metallic "feathers" give the same feel as metal detailing but aren't as austere.
$68.38 by Rare from ASOS

and just for fun, here's dress that's definitely harder to pull off (and is more expensive than the others) but successfully achieves the futuristic, bold shoulder look.

$76.92 from ASOS

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