Saturday, September 11, 2010

Musings from The Sartorialist

So what is more important, fashion or style?

I attended a few fashion shows today and I have seen some very "fashionable" young ladies. But, they always come up short when compared to the young ladies doing their own thing.

I know what this season's trends are suppose to be and this young lady doesn't really fit into any of those forecasts and yet she really stood out from all the other pretty young things.

The Sartorialist



Rachael said...

I agree, sometimes you can really stand out in a good way without following the season's trends, its all about how you mix things up and your attitude.

Love her outfit!

Anonymous said...

I think style is more important, our dear CC said it: "fashion fades but style remains".
I don't really pay attention to trend, even when i find something interesting, i can't wear as it supposed to!!
So i follow my own fashion lol. And that women is really stylish!!

silvia Navarro said...

beatiful hats!!!!!!!!!

Brenty said...

Loving the DVF! I really like your blog, I am now following it and looking forward to your updates.


Eva said...

Interesting, I've never thought about that, the difference between fashion and style

Raquel Fernandes said...

I think she a has a "bit" of the AW tenedencies. The hat, the boot cut jeans, the big red clutch... I love the look, it's really similar to my style!

TransCultureGirl said...

I also loved this post on the Satorialist. Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm following yours as well!

Eduardo Romo said...

I hate knitted hats, I don't know why...
I love the juicy bobby pins, affordable and cute :)