Sunday, January 23, 2011

College Fashionista Post! [yourstyle]

Hi, everyone! My post on College Fashionista received the honor of Look of the Day and has been up on the homepage all weekend. Feel free to read my article and to like it! More about Italy later. :)

Ciao! Within my first day here at the Studio Art Centers International in Florence, Italy, I noticed Annie with her short red hair and red lips. I found her look stunning and was amazed at her ability to make a winter jacket look so fantastic.

When the daily weather makes it too chilly to live without a jacket, it's hard to prevent the same old coat from becoming mundane. This Fashionista shows us exactly how to circumvent this problem. First, buy a coat that fits your taste completely. Don't totally succumb to trends when choosing your outerwear because this is an item you'll be stuck with day after day. Annie chose a beautiful Aztec-print coat with a faux fur collar and toggle style closure that are both very chic right now. This Native American-esque print is not just glamorously southwestern, but also expresses Annie's quirky style without being overly trendy. It's something she loves to wear everyday!

Also, Annie's use of accessories is a fantastic example of how to spice up a humdrum winter outfit. At her feet are khaki booties flanked by colorful (and not to mention, warm) socks. Cute and cozy socks are a great way to keep your outfit different each day without having to spend too much. Try your favorite pattern like floral or even leopard. Annie tops her look off with a hair bow that not only complements her classic lip shade but also brings the attention to her gorgeous face. So next time you're bemoaning the monotony of your winter coat, try some of this Fashionista's leads to keep this season fresh.

Alla moda!

Style On,

Morgan Jordan
American University


Angelica Ng said...

She looks great! If only I could make winter dressing look so stylish.

Setty Lepida said...

She's one stylish girl; Though I usually go for the colors too, I'd never manage to pull through such an outfit. Great !!!

Nita -Karoliina said...

I love that jacket. I saw it on

E said...

She is so stylish! I love that jacket, too!

Eva said...

oh my gosh, it seems like everyone has been going to Italy. so jealous. my husband and i are hoping to go there in the fall. any tips??

Stiene said...

Great outfit! x

Vee said...

I like her hair and makeup, she's so cute !