Friday, February 10, 2012

First Post in Forever!

Hi everyone! Wow, I can't believe the last time I posted was in September... Time has certainly flown! As you may know, I'm in my senior year at American University and I graduate in MAY. but this is turning point in my life I'm actually looking forward to as I've gotten to the point where school seems to be holding me back and I just want to break free and use that time to pursue other interests. Like blogging. I've seriously had no time to even take photos but I'm not complaining because I love what's running my life: AmLit, Bethesda Magazine, and now Katzen. More updates later though, I've got a busy weekend ahead of me - heading to NYC!

Coat: American Apparel / Shirt: UO / Cords: K-Mart c/o of Teen Vogue / Belt: Value Village / Boots: Park Avenue Thrift / Purse: Aldo / Glasses: Bonlook

Here's a shot of how my ombre has evolved! I really love it - I never thought I'd have this much fun growing my hair out!

The AU Museum at Katzen where I'll begin graphic design and marketing work soon!

Cory and I made proscuitto, pear and goat cheese pizza tonight!

Instead of sauce try olive oil, grape tomatoes and arugula!

More soon! Glad to get back into the blogosphere. :)


Babe said...

I reaaaally like your outfit, you look great ! :)
welcome back :D

Cosmia, Inflammatory Knit said...

Welcome back :D
I love the outfit, particularly your awesome glasses and cute peter pan collar!

Adri M. said...

Welcome back chica !!!

Good luck with all your projects :)

Viktoria said...

Lovely Post, and the food looks delicious :-)

xx V.

Jonna said...

Welcome back! :D I just started blogging again too, had a long break .. And yeah love your shirt!! :)
nukleopatra xx

Délima said...

Thank you! I love your outfit! especially your coat !

Fabienne said...

I love your glasses!