Monday, October 11, 2010

Fashion Week Favorites

As all of the different fashion weeks come to a close, here are my favorite looks from the runways:

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Trends I'll have a hard time wearing:
- Minimalism
- Color blocking
- Hot pants
- Strappy sandals
- Feathers
- Bright orange

Trends I'll love to wear:
- Velvet
- Sheer
- Lace and frills
- More ornate floral
- Baby polka dots
- Long, loose pants


Marta said...

i am fond of polka dots, long loose pants and laces too!

Mariana said...

i love post :)

Mariana said...

i love this post*

Rachael said...

This post is amazing! Love it! All of the Fashion Weeks were so great around the world. I actually love minimalism and color blocking but I definitely agree with you on the hot pants and the bright orange...and strappy sandals sound painful.

Morgan Jordan said...

Well I do love the look of minimalism and color blocking but I just know I'll have trouble incorporating it with what I already own!

Thanks for the comments. :)

Beverley said...

loving this breakdown! feathers will definitely be tricky to wear, maybe to a cocktail party??

Anastasia said...

Too much inspiration! =D In a good way haha! ^^

*X* Great blog! Following! =D

Anonymous said...

what an amazing post, thanks for that one :)

The Haute Hoosier said...

I really like this! Great job. I'm kinda obsessed with the midriff tops and the high waisted skirts and pants, just barely exposing the tummy. Following you now!

VICTORIA said...

what a lovely blog! your sense of fashion is absolutely mindblowing and so inspirational, too good!


Destined For Now said...

Love the style roundup!
Your comments confused me though. I've never seen them at the top.

Anonymous said...

love all these looks! thanks for following, please come back soon!

kara lynn said...

let's see trends i like are lace, florals, polka dots, long, loose pants Lace and frills, minimalism and bold color!

I love this collection you put together!

Anonymous said...

Such a mixed bag- choice!

jungleworldcitizen said...

A great round up :)
Definitely following ;)

Have a beautiful Sunday!

Style_Pursuit said...

Thanks for sharing! These are some really amazing choices! :o)