Wednesday, November 10, 2010

7 days: 7 faves, Week of November 10 [blogstyle]

Megan from Another Day to Dress Up: Tough lace-up boots with flowy tops and skirts are an odd couple trend that Megan pulls off seamlessly.

Beth from B. Jones Style: Love, love, love the muted pastel neutrals. I should update my gray neutrals with these pink-toned ones.

Molly from Vanessa Jackman: I love everything about this look from the loose, faded waves to the houndstooth jacket to the oxfords.

E from District of Chic: Okay, I'll admit. I thought I'd never like leather shorts, but an outfit like this, they're just perfect! With the crisp top and lace oxfords, they're quite classy. Kudos!

Lady Moriarty: Another textured men's-style blazer but the fanciful tulle skirt and spotted tights make it absolutely adorable.

Rhiannon from Liebemarlene Vintage: The combination of lace and tartan is reminiscent of the nineties without being stale. Another example of opposite elements working in harmony.

Clara from gorgeousclara: As you can tell, I love neutral palettes. Clara's desert boots and long, sheer dress is perfection.


B. Jones Style said...

Thanks for featuring me as one of your faves! Super flattered!

Katie said...

I am your hundredth follower! :) x

Anything but Bland said...

such lovely group of women :)

Lady Moriarty said...

Hey ! Representing France, Lady Moriarty !

Thanks a lot

See U !

Rachael said...

Great pictures!!

Love Beth's outfit especially!

E said...

I am so flattered that you featured my look alongside such stylish ladies! Thank you so much!

Melina said...

great pictures!