Monday, August 8, 2011

Lazy Lake Day

Sorry I haven't been posting very much recently... I just had to pack up and move back to DC (thrilled to be here) and I've just finished celebrating my 5th anniversary with my boyfriend Cory! Plus, I've just become the assistant to Andrea Rodgers, Editor in Chief of and CEO of Socialite Marketing. Busy lady - more details later!

These photos were taken at the beach a few weekends ago when my friends Rachael and Anisa were in town. Anisa's family has a beautiful lake house right outside of Memphis, which I love to visit.

Anisa and I out on the boat! I love lake hair.
Bikini: Fossil / Dress: Anisa's

iPhone always in one hand...

Diet Pepsi in the other.


Anisa likes to be Martha Stewart sometimes.


Carrie said...

seems like so much fun! and that cake looks so yummy.

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Anja said...

Those photos look like you had lots of fun. & I'm jealous of the fabulous weather!

Saba said...

OMG. Anisa's mom's fruit cake thing is SO delicious. Cuties.

SusuanaLove said...

Happy anniversary!!!!! cool photos, love ur friend's top


Entrophia | Behind green eyes said...

You are so beautiful and I'm in love with your pictures. If you want we should follow each other to keep in touch, let me know and I'll do the same. kiss

Lorna said...

Hey Morgan, love that cake, it looks outrageously good!

I've subscribed to you in my reader.


Luxe1968 said...

Oooooh....that dessert thingy looks so beautiful and soooo good!!!! Why did I have to see this when I'm on a!!!

Shasie said...

Dang girl, you seem super busy. Congrats on all those achievements and celebrating 5 years with your boyfriend.
Shasie of Live Life in Style